Low metal and power consumption, new qualitative characteristics of gearwheels and automated production make gearboxes on the basis of EC Gearing interesting to modern technologies.

Application of EC-Gearing in the industry

Recycling and mining
  • Open Gears towers
  • Reducer mine, combine
  • Top drive drilling rig
  • Booster compressor oil fields
  • Submersible pump for oil
  • Reducer rocking oil machine (new / repair)
  • Feed pump drilling mud

  • Power Machinery
  • Reducer windmill
  • Drive locking hardware
  • Steam turbines, mobile power station
  • Hydro turbines
  • ICE

  • Transportation Engineering
  • Main transfer of motor vehicles
  • Reducer "steamer" steering column
  • Helicopter gearboxes
  • Multiplier wagon
  • Reducers conveyors
  • Gear shovels
  • Reducer lift

  • General Engineering
  • Gearboxes
  • Pumps and dispensers
  • Air Compressor
  • Multiphase gear pump
  • Reducers hand tool
  • Food gearboxes without lubricant

  • Special Industry
  • Reducer antenna rotation
  • Reducer deploy antennas
  • Invite to cooperation

    EC-Pumps and EC-Compressors
    ЭЦ-Насосы и компрессоры
    EC-Hydraulic turbines
    EC-Steam Turbines
    ЭЦ-Паровые турбины